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Administration Services

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WRI’s history of success makes it easy to entrust us with your next event, grant submission, funding distribution, or staff hiring and onboarding. WRI offers expertise and flexible, innovative solutions to meet your complex project management and staffing needs.

Below is a sampling of our work. Contact us to learn more about how WRI's manages their application programs, services we can offer for your next event, and how we can help administer your hiring and staffing needs!

Application Program Management

WRI Solutions efficiently and effectively directs your funds and resources into the hands of those who need them. WRI brings extensive project management and technical skills to this work, and can also report back comprehensive data and analysis of the funding’s impact.

Education and Training Voucher (ETV) Funding
Chafee Funding Awards Program
Empire Pandemic Response Reimbursement Fund

Event Planning and Facilitation

WRI Solutions puts its planning and implementation expertise to work for your in-person, online, or hybrid training or meeting. Whether you’re considering concurrent sessions or need accessibility accommodations, plan for success with WRI.

SSIP Trainings
E-MDT Conference
Process doesn’t need to hinder your progress.
Let us help.

Administration: Out-stationed Staff

WRI Solutions puts its expertise to work for your talent acquisition and workforce maintenance. Let us provide a more streamlined approach to your hiring and staffing needs.

NYS Agricultural Mediation Program
Process doesn’t need to hinder your progress. Let us help.