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Evaluation Services

Collect. Analyze. Transform.

WRI can collect, analyze, and present the data you need, and help you transform learnings from that data into project goals. Our staff bring years of experience with various research methods and analysis software, such as SPSS and Dedoose. Our approach to data prioritizes hearing from those most impacted by your services, and finding ways to amplify that voice throughout your process. Our adaptable evaluation team can assist you wherever you are on your research journey. We can develop and implement collection tools such as surveys and focus groups, and interpret data from those tools. Or we can help you analyze data you’ve already collected, and present it in a user-friendly way.

Below is a sampling of our work. Contact us to learn more about the methods WRI utilizes to conduct evaluations!

School Mental Health Training Evaluation
Statewide Court System Implicit Bias Training Program
Chafee Funding Outreach and Impact
Impact of Victim of Crimes Act Grant
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