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Welcome to our

IDD Resource Center

WRI Solutions partnered with the NYS Council on Developmental Disabilities (CDD) to create accessible resources for young adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD).

Our Work

CDD and WRI saw a gap in resources available that speak directly to people with IDD. Our quick guides were made for and by people with disabilities. Quick Guides: Tools for Independence are short guides about independent decision making for young adults with IDD. Information is written in plain language and the guides are visually appealing. These quick guides are free and easy to use for people with IDD everywhere. All quick guides and some training materials are also available in Spanish.
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Quick Guides

Quick Guides provide guidance, answer common questions, and list resources available for people with IDD living in New York State. The guides offer guidance on a number of life topics. All of the Quick Guides are useful to people living outside of New York, too.

If you or someone you know with IDD is graduating high school soon, looking for a job, thinking about moving out on their own, or want support with making and keeping friends, our Quick Guides are for you.

There are currently twelve quick guides covering four main topics:

  • Relationships (“Me, Myself, and Others”)
  • Housing (“A Place of My Own”)
  • Employment & Volunteering (“A Job of My Own”)
  • Transition After High School (“My Life After High School”)

All twelve guides are available in Spanish.

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Training Materials

We have created materials to assist with training on the four main Quick Guide topics. The intention behind these training materials is to encourage conversation about each topic so self-advocates can feel more confident on their own, and provide great resources for classrooms, support groups, and self-study.

Including self-advocates or peers while administering the trainings is highly encouraged (we designed it that way!).

Materials included for each topic are:

  • A Training Manual (for instructor use)
  • PowerPoint Slides: These slides include information provided within the guides, as well as group activity opportunities
  • Activity Worksheets (for individuals with IDD): These worksheets have three activities to aid with the comprehension of each guide.

The training materials for the My Life After High School series is available in Spanish.


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