Training Materials

A cartoon illustration of a girl in a wheelchair using a laptop with a cat next to her.

These training materials are great resources for classrooms, support groups, and self-study. The intention with the training packets is to encourage conversation about each topic so self-advocates can feel more confident on their own.

Including self-advocates or peers while administering the trainings is highly encouraged (we designed it that way!).

Materials included in each topic is:

  • A Training Manual (for instructor use)
  • PowerPoint Slides: These slides include information provided within the Guides, as well as group activity opportunities
  • Activity Worksheets (for individuals with IDD): These worksheets have three activities to aid with the comprehension of each Guide.

The training materials for the My Life After High School series is available in Spanish.

A laptop with a graduation cap surrounded by icons of a guidebook, activity worksheet, and slideshow.


A cartoon illustration of a boy and a girl with arms around each other.


These materials explore personal boundaries, internet safety, and how to maintain conversations.


A cartoon illustration of two graduates holding up their diplomas. One of them is blind.

Transition After High School

These materials explore speaking up for yourself, how to decide what to do after high school, and learning about your best skills.


A cartoon illustration of two people planting a tree. One of them is wearing a hearing aid.

Employment and Volunteering

These materials explore why you might want to work, interview tips, and ways to handle different scenarios at work.


A cartoon illustration of a boy in front of an apartment building.


These materials explore living with roommates, looking for a new place to live, and knowing who to ask for help when you’re home alone.


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