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A cartoon illustration of two graduates holding up their diplomas. One of them is blind.

Transition After High School

Your life will change after high school. You will need to make choices about how you want to live, where you will live, and many other things. There is a lot to think about, so it is good to make plans for your future before you finish school.

These guides will help you think about things you might do in the future. They will make it easier to get ready for life after high school.

A graduation cap and diploma.


Guide 1: Planning for Life After High School

This guide will help you think about your life after high school and start to plan for the future.

Guide 2: Choosing a Path to the Future

This guide will help you think about what your options might be for life after you finish high school. Options are different things from which you can choose.

Guide 3: Building Your Independence

One way to get ready for your future is to become more independent. Learning to be more independent while you are still in high school will make it easier for you to adjust to life after high school.

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