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Employment and Volunteering

Working can add value to your life. Work is engaging. It enables you to connect with other people. It can help connect you to your community. When you work, you contribute to society, which feels great.

These three guides can help you decide what kind of job you would like, how to search for a job, and how to do well in the workplace.

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Guide 1: Preparing for Work

As a person with a disability, your experiences make you unique. You have skills that are valuable in the workplace. Tell employers about your unique skills. Examples of unique skills could be: attention to detail, good sense of humor, or liking to socialize with others. Employers like to learn this about you. You can discuss with them how your unique skills are useful in the workplace. They will be happy for you to contribute in ways that only you can.

Guide 2: Finding a Job You Like

This guide will help you find a job that is right for you. Once you have decided what kind of job you want, you will need to find that job. Finding and getting the job you want can take some time and effort. Sometimes people find a job right away and sometimes they do not. Try to be patient.

Guide 3: Succeeding at Work

Succeeding at work means doing your job well. This guide will give you suggestions and ideas about how to be a good employee or volunteer. Doing a good job makes you feel proud of yourself. Your employer will be happy, too. Succeeding at work takes effort and determination. But it also can be rewarding and fun.

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